Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My recent purchases from MAC, Sephora & Luxola.

Hello guys! First of all, I wanna apologies for not blogging. I just collected my laptop from the repair centre few days back. Its really annoying when I really wanna blog something but then my laptop creating a problem which is really sucks. And secondly, I wanna wish Happy New Year to you all! Ok I know I'm late for wishing you guys but it still the beginning of January 2014 :P Better late than never right? :D *peace*

Here I am today going to blog about my recent purchased from MAC, Sephora & Luxola :)
So, let start with what I've ordered from Luxola.

I ordered mascara from Maybelline. And I need to restock my mascara since my previous mascara already almost finish.
Original price, $20.90 and I got it for $17.00. It was on sale which is a good deal for me.
And the next one is, SLEEK brow kit in 'Extra Dark'. 
It cost, $21.40
I really really wanted to try this brow kit. I heard lots of good reviews about it. Anyone tried this before? Let me know what do you think. I am glad to hear about it from you :)

This is my second purchased from this MAKEUP FOREVER concealer. I need to restock new one since the first one already finished! Argh! I am really down when my favorite concealer already finished. At first, I thought it is spoil, so when I twist and twist and twist the concealer and then I know it is really..... f i n i s h :( So, the next day, I purchased it from Sephora.
I can't remember how much it cost. Around $50+ but I got it for $46.80 after discount.

Next.. From MAC. So this is my second pro longwear concealer. I still have the previous one in the shade, NW35. A little bit dark on me. I didn't use it that much. Because, I got it in the wrong shade :\ And so, this time, I already tried it to double confirm the right shade and yeah, I got it in NW25.
It cost, $31.

Lastly.. Errrr.. Sorry for the dirty picture of this pump from MAC for only $9.
Too excited to try this pump until I forgot to take picture of it :P
Let me clear this thing out of my head. I wonder how many types of foundation pump did MAC selling at their MAC store/counter. I gotten myself this pump for my Estee Lauder double wear foundation. Everyone been telling here and there that they got their pump from MAC for their Estee Lauder foundation and etc. So when my turn to have it and try it on my Estee Lauder foundation, it didn't fit in at all and can't even press it the foundation out from the pump. Tsk! Is it just me or is it because I got it the wrong one? Hmm.
So ya, that's the end of my post for tonight :) Stay tune for my next update!
Goodnight everyone!
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  1. I like nothing better than a good haul and yours was certainly one of them. :)

    1. Hello there!
      Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

  2. Great haul. I love my mac pump