Monday, 11 March 2013

REVIEW : Urban Decay NAKED 2


Hello!! I'm back with another new post. Keep procrastinating myself to blog about this Urban Decay NAKED 2 Eyeshadows. But anyway, I'm here now to share on my blog. Okay let's move on :)
I receive this NAKED 2 from my Love on my birthday. To those who miss out my post about my birthday. You can click it here❤.
Once again, i wanna thank my Love for the NAKED 2. The moment i saw the NAKED 2 as my birthday gift, i'm like, OMG! OMG! Am i dreaming?! Finally i own this awesome NAKED 2! I'm so happy about it because I've been eyeing this for so so long. Thank you so much Love :D
Ok let's back to the topic about this before I start talking crap here.
I've been using this NAKED 2 since the day i receive it on my birthday. There's 12 colours. In matte, shimmer and glitter textures. Ok let me show you picture of the very pigmented colours and the swatches of all the colours on my hand.

The Colours

Foxy: matte yellow-cream
Half-Baked: metallic gold
Bootycall: shimmery pale champagne
Chopper: metallic rose-gold
Tease: matte medium taupe
Snakebite: shimmery bronze
Suspect: shimmery pale gold
Pistol: shimmery medium grey
Verve: light sparkly greige
YDK: glittery brown
Busted: satin mahogany brown
Blackout: matte black

To read the NAKED 2 ingredients,
click HERE.

I have use the colour of FOXY, BOOTYCALL, TEASE, SNAKE BITE and BUSTED to create the smokey eye. Of cause, not to forget, before i apply the eyeshadows, i apply my Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion first and then i start to apply the colours. Sometimes, i just play around with different colours to create the heavy smokey eye look. And also sometimes can even give me a hard time to decide which colours to apply as it got so many colours.

This is the look that i use from the NAKED 2 to create the smokey eye whenever i'm heading out on a date with Love.

Let's move on to the Good & the Bad

The Goods :
  • Good quality
  • Very pigmented colours
  • Works great with eyeshadow primer
  • It came with double ended brush.
The Bad :

  • Expensive

If i'm not wrong, the last time I saw this NAKED 2 cost $80. You can get it at any Sephora.

That's all for now. Shall end my post here. Stay tune for my next update.


  1. I love Urban Decay they make some nice products

    Traci @

    1. Yup! I agree with you. Lots of nice products from Urban Decay. And I love Urban Decay too! :) Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Anonymous5:45 am

    I think on pretty much every blog I read they have a naked palette, I really need to get one!

    The Beauty 101 x

    1. Yes! You should get one! :D All the colors so beautiful :)