Friday, 8 February 2013

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation + REVIEW

Hola! Back again with another new post. I'm gonna fit in 2 things at 1 post. 
That's the reason why i put ' + '  at the title for my blog post. Ok lets begin!

As usual, re-stock for the month of January gonna be my foundation. I re-stock it in every 2 or 3 months. Depends on how i use it. But, i use it everyday! :D 

Ok, this is the foundation that i'm talking about which i re-stock for January.
Yes. I'm using M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.


As i already mention above, i use it everyday. 
Before i started wearing this MAC foundation, i used to wear certain brand of foundation. But, it didn't satisfied me.

I started using MAC for about 1 year plus already. So, i went to MAC @ Sehora ION. The first time i wanted to try MAC product, i ask the MUA about the problem i'm having. Oily T-Zone, wanted a good coverage and etc. Ya Ya Ya. Who doesn't want to look good on the face right? Unless, if you already have a baby butt face. LOL. And the MUA introduced me the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. The MUA even give me a try on my chin area with the foundation. And i start to fall in love with it. I can't even see the shade of the foundation when the MUA put it on me.

The best thing about this MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is :
  • Full coverage
  • Long wearing 
  • Flawless

The little thing that i don't like about it :
  • When my nose area turn to get oily, i wipe it with a piece of tissue, abit of the foundation transfer to the tissue. ( depends on how many times you apply the foundation )

But the face or the oily area still look good! 

Whatever it is, this MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is the BESTEST OF THE BEST 
foundation to me! I swear i love it!
Although the price already increase from $49 to $51, it still worth the money with the foundation that i bought :) NO REGRET~

Till here then, i shall end my post for today. 
Stay tune to my next update.
Have a good day readers! Bye~

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