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Hello bloggy! I'm back with another new post. Erm, today post gonna be like a rant/review that i wanna share on my blog and gonna be quite long. All this pictures below that i'm gonna share later taken early of the January this year. Let me begin now.....

Ok.. So, i celebrated my birthday on the first week of this month, January. Not gonna disclosed my birthday date here. *wink* Just a small celebration with my Love and with my families too. Big or small or whatever, i still appreciate it.

The day before my birthday, me and Love went out on a date. As usual, Love fetched me at the void-deck before we heading out. While i putting away my stuff to the side and at the same time i'm talking to Love about my birthday. And i didn't expected to receive any present cause i know i'm already grown up. Guess what?! While i was happily talking, out of sudden, Love surprise me with big pink box. And i automatically stop talking when i saw the pink box and read the princess small birthday card that paste to the box cover.

Below here is the box that i'm talking about.

I received lots of stuffs inside the box :D I get more shocked the moment i open up the box. Yes. I wanted to cry too at the same time, but i controlled my happy tears. Hehe. Inside the box, i received the most things that i wanted for so long. There's Ferrero Rocher chocolate all inside the box, another birthday card, Swarovski bracelet, & O-M-G, this is the most things that i wanted for so like very long long time. Issey Miyake perfume & Urban Decay NAKED 2 Eyeshadow palette that comes with the lipgloss!! Only God know how happy i am when i received that. 

I share some pictures that i can share at my blog here. 

 Issey Miyake Perfume

Urban Decay NAKED 2

I love the colors of the eyeshadows. Can even create smokey and neutral look :D
Plus, i love the Issey Miyake perfume too. I'm not good in describing how the scent is like. But, to me, the perfume scent is really fresh and stays all day on your clothes. I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT!


The next day on my birthday. Went out with Love. At first, i didn't know where he gonna bring me. Once we reach to the Park Mall shopping centre parking lot. Love bring me to the Glass House Fish & Co birthday treat from Love. Its located at, 9 Penang Rd, The Park Mall, #01-24. 

It is my first time went to Fish & Co. Cause i'm not the type of person that eat fish alot. So, all this while i only thought fish & co must be only have fish fish fish. But, i prove myself wrong. LOL. When i'm looking at the menu. They also have seafood! OHMY~ Actually, i got no idea what to eat that day. After few minutes ago, i decided to eat Seafood Platter for 1 and with Passion Fruit drink. And the rest Love order is, Chockie Junkie (their very own chocolate milkshake), Soup Of The Day, 5 pieces of Scallop, King Prawn & White Fish.

Here's the pictures that i manage to take 
only that i forget to take photos of the drinks. 

The soup of the day

King prawn baked with ebiko roe and mozzarella cheese
 paired with grilled white fish with lemon butter sauce.

Generous array of grilled seafood such as tiger prawns,
dory fillet and calamari serve on the paella rice and chips.

5 pieces of Scallops. So yummy!!

After finished our dinner, i didn't know that Love directly and quietly order the cake from the staff. Tsk~ I sitting there sipping my drink and suddenly there goes 2 cakes on the table. And i turn to Love and ask him when did he go order the cake. What he do is, smile widely. LOL. 

So here's the cake that i mention it just now.

Looking at the pictures now already making me hungry :P 

So ya, that's all for today very long post. 
Stay tune for my next update! Byebye! *wave*

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