Sunday, 23 December 2012

Review - Vaseline

Hello! I'm back with another new post. Ok, today post gonna be about Vaseline
At first, i only thought Vaseline is for lip balm and so on.
 I didn't know that this Vaseline can do/use as so many things. 


I use this Vaseline to remove my eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara. I swear this Vaseline really works to remove my waterproof mascara. Before i use this Vaseline, i use this certain product of makeup remover, and i tried to remove my waterproof mascara but it still on my eyelash. 
And i have to remove it like so many times. 
When i tried using this Vaseline to remove my waterproof mascara,
POOFF!! I swear it works! And of cause, i love it! Worth the money. It's so cheap! I bought it at Guardian. For only $1.70. 

Here's the short lists that this Vaseline can use for so many ways that i found on google.

  1. Can be use on a bruises, scabs, cuts and other minor injuries to help them heal faster. (vaseline keeps moisture lock into the skin so the wound can heal better like that.)
  2. Eyelashes with Vaseline will make them grow longer. *i haven't try it yet* :P
  3. Vaselines makes for soft ankles and feet if you apply with and sleep with socks on.
  4. Can be use as a lip balm.
You can find out more of the uses for Vaseline here.

That's all for now. Stay tune for another new post. 

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