Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Make-Up Remover

Today I'm gonna talk about makeup remover. Few weeks ago, I went to Watson to buy my makeup remover as my previous makeup remover about to finish. And my previous makeup remover is from Cyber Color at SASA which cost $25. I'm always very fussy when comes to makeup remover. Some makeup remover tends to get break-out on the face which I'm so so scared. But so far, I never experience it before when using makeup remover.

Once I tried this Garnier makeup remover, I started to like it a lot! Especially after I finish removes all my makeup on my face, I feel my face very very smooth.
This is Fragrance-Free and Alcohol-Free. And it contains liquid and oil layer. As you can see there's 2 tone of it. You have to shake the bottle to let it mix the liquid and oil together before you soak it on the cotton pad to remove all your makeup.
This is how it look after you shake the bottle.

It does say it remove even waterproof makeup up with just one wipe. When comes to remove my waterproof mascara, I need to rub or wipe my eyelash for a few times to remove it. And the waterproof mascara still there. Ohmy.. So, the next 2nd, 3rd time and the other day when I use this Garnier makeup remover, I just use it to remove my makeup on my face and eyeshadows. And as for my waterproof mascara, I use my Vaseline to remove it :D Yeah. My Vaseline not only for my lip, but also help me to remove waterproof mascara :D

Overall, I'm still love this makeup remover that gives my skin the smooth feeling after I remove all my makeup and I will repurchase it for sure :)

The price for this Garnier Makeup Remover : $13.10.
Recommended for normal to sensitive skin.

Have you tried this makeup remover?
What's your current favorite makeup remover? :)

That's the end of my post for tonight. Stay tune for my next post.
Goodnight everyone :)

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  1. great review!
    i currently use a lancome one, thats brilliant too.
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    1. Hi there :)
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      Will be looking forward to try lancome too.

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  2. I've never heard of using Vaseline to remove waterproof mascara. That's so interesting!

    1. Hi Aislinn :)
      Yes yes. Vaseline can remove waterproof mascara too :D

  3. I was looking at this the other day in the store but decided I wasn't sure of it but now I think I'll try it! Thanks for that!

    Much love,
    Suz x

    1. Hi Susan :)

      Update me when you already try it :) I would love to know your experience about it too.

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    1. Hi there :)
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